Why should authors explain who they appear to be to the outside world when they have written hundreds of pages presenting who they really are deep down inside? Their inner self is clearly visible to any reader being kind enough (or crazy enough) to spend (waste) a significant portion of his (her) precious time reading their books. So who cares how old the authors are, where they live and what they do when they are not writing? Readers secretly hope that the life of their favorite writers is somehow extraordinary. They want authors to go through exciting and dangerous situations like their characters do. And readers end up being disappointed because most writers are just ordinary human beings. They strive to make a living, they have a family and they have friends, they eat and drink too much, and they go to the gym when they can. So why would authors kill the mystery by telling fans who they appear to be when fans know exactly who they really are?

Now, for what it’s worth, here is something about Jack Hummey. It’s all in the picture on the left, so words aren’t really necessary. The photo says that he is a Caucasian man, surely born before the first man landed on the Moon. These are already a lot of precious indications. What else could readers possibly want to know about him? Maybe just this, which is one of his favorite quotes: “Life without literature is like love without flesh, an agreeable but fleeting illusion.” For more information, readers should refer to the books. Jack Hummey is in there, everywhere.