Mass Murder

Mass Murder

There is no limit to a woman’s revenge over injustice

Series: The Keys of Hades – Book 2

The going gets tough for Maggie March when she decides to escape from the police and go under cover. She hides in Key West and she tries to unravel the mysteries around her husband’s death. She discovers a strange organization called the Society, ruling the Keys with seemingly unlimited power. Secrets hidden and buried for a long time will finally be brought to light.

God or Satan or both will put their powers in Maggie’s hands. The fiercest hurricane ever seen on Earth will appear a few miles off the Keys. In the middle of the raging storm, Maggie will fight for her life in the ultimate battle against the hypocrisy, the brutality and the cruelty of men.

Jack Hummey’s sequel to “Suicide Package” takes unexpected turns. Life always slips from your hands when you think you finally control it. There is no such thing as a faithful mate, loyal friends or clear futures. Predictability is a luxury no one can afford anymore, not to mention accountability and morality.