Suicide Package

Suicide Package

Key West paradise turned into hell in a stunning thriller

Series: The Keys of Hades – Book 1

Maggie March is a beautiful, kind and honest woman. They should have known better than to kill John, her husband. She craves revenge and God is on her side. She can feel his strength in her soul. But is it God or is it Satan inspiring her? There are no certainties anymore when your life has been shattered and the hurricanes blow over the Keys.

In the aftermath of John’s murder, Maggie will discover ugly secrets about him. She will get mad at her friends who knew and never told her. They will pay the high price for having messed with the Devil. Maggie March is definitely not the forgiving kind of woman.

Jack Hummey’s debut novel is a disturbing psychological thriller. You thought you could always tell right from wrong? You believed you knew the difference between good and bad? Well, maybe you were wrong. The world around you is not black and white anymore. Someone is re-painting it in ominous shades of grey.

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